Donald Trump & Scapegoating


Thinking about the recent Jorge Ramos-Trump interaction and the subsequent comment by the Trump supporter, ‘Get out of my country.’ Thinking about the political scapegoating by Trump and others explicitly about undocumented immigrants and implicitly about Latinos in general.

We know that undocumented immigrants do not threaten U.S. citizen jobs; in fact, immigration boosts U.S. citizen wages and is not connected to Unemployment. We know that immigrants aren’t straining schools and U.S. citizen taxpayers. Unaccompanied minors (.1% of immigrants) are the only one who aren’t paying taxes. A burden to social services? Undocumented immigrants don’t even qualify for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and most other public services. Threatening our national unity? Please.

What if the truth is that people like Trump are blaming the most vulnerable for what many of the 1% are doing: threatening American jobs by financial decisions that boost corporate short term profit; not paying their fair share of taxes by circumventing tax laws and thereby leaving our public schools and social services short changed; taking advantage of bankruptcy provisions and government subsidies; dividing our national cohesiveness by promoting fear and animosity towards people of color. 

What do you think?


Jaime Romo, Ed.D.